Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Day

Today is my Birthday. I turned 24. Not so exciting, I know. To celebrate, we're going to Chili's with friends and family tonight. I'm such a high-roller!

P.S. For Christmas and my Birthday, Matthew got me the entire set of Harry Potter books. I think it was a double-sided gift, being that I recently read him the 1st one and now he's addicted. We're going to read the whole series together, and I'm really excited about that!

Maybe I'll post some pictures of dinner later. Not that, that's a thrilling post for you all...

Friday, December 26, 2008

Update in Pictures

Wow, I've got a lot to do to update this blog! I'm going to do it mostly in pictures, because that will be easiest. I hope you enjoy this little mini-album!

In November we took Leslie to Disneyland. It was so much fun! Matthew and I also used our birthdays as an excuse to celebrate. Leslie got to eat her first churro, got her first set of ears and (to her excitement) got to meet Mickey Mouse for the first time! (We've pic of that last one, but she did do it!

For Matthew's birthday this year, we went to the Grand Canyon. Matthew had never "officially" been there, so we took the opportunity to spend some time in nature and play in the snow. We took along some friends, and stopped in Flagstaff for lunch and cupcakes at the local Wendy's. We're such nerds! It was a lot of fun, pretty cold, and totally worth it!

And then we have Christmas. First we spent some time with the Ingebrigtsen's. We had our family get-together and a gift exchange. The kids had fun playing in the park across the street from Aunt Karin's house.

Christmas morning we opened presents at home before heading over the my parents house for breakfast and more unwrapping. We had another fun day with family. Leslie got a Talking Teapot from Auntie Pamber. She absolutely loves it! I'm going to add a video of her dancing to the music, we'll see if it works.

It's a no go on the video, but I hope you enjoyed our last few months in picture recap. Happy Holidays!