Friday, December 18, 2009

The Picture Update.

These pictures go with the words in the previous post. I should have switched them. Oh well. Can you guess what I was for Halloween? And which of Malia's pics is you favorite? I can't pick.


Wow. I am the lamest blogger ever. I couldn't keep a diary growing up, why would I think I would be diligent in keeping up with a blog? Oh well.

Lots has happened since Tamra's wedding in September. We moved to a new place. Ok, an old place, but new to the kids and Matthew. We moved into my parents house. We're all living together. We're paying some rent to help my parents out and we're saving some money so we can buy a house in 2010.

Halloween came and went. Leslie got to trick or treat at Matthew's work again this year, and then Grandpa took her out on Saturday, while we finished cleaning the apartment.

Kinzey has started eating solids. We've gone through rice, sweet potatoes, and carrots. Today we start squash and then in few more days we'll move on to green veggies. She has two teeth now, and only got her great personality once those teeth broke through! Actually, the second only came in yesterday. I had my fingers in her mouth in the morning and it wasn't there and by dinner time, she had another tooth! No wonder she was grumpy all day!

Matthew's birthday is this upcoming Monday. We will be celebrating by going to my office's Christmas Party. Ha, lucky him! It is a Casino Night at least, and we don't have to spend our own money to gamble, so it should be fun. I love when they do themed stuff, we always have a lot of fun!

We got some family photo's done last weekend and my friend Malia Clark took our pics. She did an AWESOME job and we are completely loving the beautiful artwork she made for our family. We've gotten lots of compliments on the posted facebook ones, but I keep referring all the credit to Malia. Amazing! Thanks so much, Malia!

Speaking of pictures, I've been feeling kind of inspired my my friend Holly and her 30-day Picture Challenge, so I'm thinking I'll start our New Year out with a celebration of things Inge. A picture blog will be challenging, but I'd like to think I can commit!

I'll post some pics in the next section. So look for those.