Friday, June 19, 2009

My Rediscovered Passion

Last August, I started my own health and nutrition business with a company called Saladmaster. We teach people how to prepare healthy, delicious meals for their families using the right equipment and techniques. I absolutely LOVE what I do! More than a "sales company", Saladmaster has brought such joy to my heart in allowing me to share information, which I feel EVERY person should have access to, with those who truly can benefit from our message. I was in shock the first time I experienced this information and now feel that it is necessary for me to help give this blessing to any and all. Not only does our company teach healthy cooking techniques, but they work within our community to support the American Cancer Society and by cooking we help to donate tens of thousands of dollars to this cause each and every year!

We change lives with this information. I have heard AMAZING testimonies of health problems making a complete turn around, medication no longer being needed, and enough weight loss stories to keep me happy for years. However, none of these stories come from people I know directly. I want so desperately to change that. I want to help change the lives of people I know and care for. I want them to have that same opportunity that has been given to me and my family.

I love what I do! We Change Lives!

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Samantha said...

Anyone who reads this it is so true Amiee came to my house for about 12 of my close family and friends and we walked away with so much information and knowledge that just in that time span has changed our lives!!!! I am not just saying this either there is a fun little test or 2 that amiee does and it opened my eyes to how to change certain things and the way i prepare them and its such an awesome thing to be able to see first hand!!!!