Tuesday, January 12, 2010


After hearing Leslie waking up, I got out of bed and went to get her from her room. I didn't want her to wake Kinzey. She was sitting on the living room floor, slumped over and pouting. Our first morning conversation continued as follows:

Mommy: Good Morning! Leslie, what's wrong?
Leslie: hmmph.
M: What's wrong, baby?
L: I miss my best two briends...
M: Who are your best two friends?
L: Daddy is one best briend and Moomah is uh other best briend.
M: Oh, well Moomah and Daddy are at work, they'll be home later. What about Mommy?
L: hmmph.

No morning hug or anything. Not my ideal start of the day. But too cute none-the-less!

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