Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We Change Lives!

WARNING: Lots of pictures!

It took me four days to upload and label everything. Holey Moley!

Wow, I was so incredibly moved and motivated by our International Convention. So much happened while we were there and I now have a renewed spirit of commitment to my business! Saladmaster does so much to change lives. Not only do they promote healthy living through healthy cooking and create "jobs" in an ever-changing market, but they also reach out to help the less fortunate in other places throughout the WORLD! I am so proud to have stumbled upon such greatness!

I wanted to share a few pictures with you all, and I will try to explain what they are as I go along. We had a opening night 1920's themed party. It was a blast! I've never seen so much fringe and pinstripes in one place! We had a lot of general sessions throughout the weekend in which we heard motivational speeches, were introduced to many AMAZING people, and had free product raffled off. On Sunday, Matthew, myself, and a group of others walked around and toured the area surrounding the hotel. Then we went on a dinner cruise around the Potomac, completely paid for by the company! That was a neat experience! On Monday, they introduced all of the new product, which are all quite amazing I might add, and we hopped a bus and a subway into DC to check out the sights. That night we had an awards night, which was comparable to the Emmy's in style and dress. They even had a red carpet for us! Tuesday was check out day, and more touring in DC.

Us in our 1920's Get-ups! Don't we look Awesome?
QHS in all it's Gangster Glory. And yes, that is a man in a dress...
Opening Ceremony. Flags from all the countries where Saladmaster is present.
Jeff Regal. Owner of Regal cookware and Saladmaster. Isn't that cool?
Tony Meloto: Founder of GK777. Saladmaster and GK777 have combined efforts and actually built a village in the Phillipines. A communtiy for squatters to live for free. Together they are working to change lives. Ths was what I was most inspired by. Check out more:
This is Lars Frolander, Olympic Gold Medalists and owner of Saladmaster. He even took his cookware to the 2008 Olympics!This was on the beach in National Harbor. Matthew is tickling the armpit.
I'm standing really close to a really big foot. It looked like a guy was drowning in the sand. Artisitic? Maybe. Creepy-ish? Yes.
I found this place online. It was the only place nearby that was less than $10 a meal. We didn't even get to eat there. But, we thought it would be funny to take my pic with the potbelly sign!
That's the bridge in the background. We were going under it. The lady behind me is a Junior Master dealer. She makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Amazing!
This the inside of the subway system. Isn't this a cool picture?The Washington Monument. We rode an elevator up to the top and got to look out some little windows. The view was awesome!
Our Sunday tour group. Back: Suzy, Logan. Front: Brittany, Liz, Richelle, Us. See the White House on the back left side?
The White House from the top of the Washington Monument. It doesn't look like it does in the movies, does it?The Jefferson Memorial. We walked a very long time to get here. Two preggos + long distance + small bladders = bad plan... :o)Matthew and I in front of the monument.Matthew took this picture from inside the Jefferson Memorial. I thought it was really amazing!
New product: 9 qt. Braiser Pan, 10" Electric Skillet, Finger Guard for SM Machine, and a Tea Kettle! Amazing! Ask me, and I'll tell you how you can get this new product!
Awards Night Attire. Tracy and Tiana Klimczak. Grand Master Dealers and owners of QHS.
The whole QHS Team
Aw, so pretty!
This is where the Inauguration will take place. There were thousands of chairs already set up!
I thought these trees looked really neat. We don't have neat street-side trees at home.
The Old Post Office. Architecture in DC is amazing!
View from the flight home. The colors looked like perfectly painted stripes across the sky. The red at the horizon was so bright. It was beautiful!


✩Molly✩ said...

Looks like you had a great trip! :) thanks for sharing your pics.

Holly Janeen said...

holy cow! great documentary of your travels together :)
and i love the preggo belly picture... you are too cute!

Sterling, Ashley, and Mason said...

I love all the pictures!! especially the belly one! DC looks amazing.

BrieAnn said...

So cool. Jake and I would love to go to DC.