Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Let me cook you FREE dinner!

Hello Friends!

February is going to be an amazing month! It's the month of love and sweethearts! And we share that same feeling in Saladmaster!

We've introduced some amazing new product this month. You're going to love these! Our new 10" Electric Oil Core Skillet is finally available, as well as the AWESOME new 9 qt. Braiser Pan. These two pieces of cookware can definitely add to your kitchen!

Also, and this is AMAZING! Anyone who invests in a set this month, will automatically receive $900 in extra free product! AMAZING!

Mostly, friends, I just want to get out there and cook. January was a slow month and I could really use your help to get my business back on it's feet. As always, there are NO sale requirements for your friends and family guests. All they have to do is laugh at my jokes, eat the food, and stay for the whole time. That's it! And when you have guests over to share my presentation, you will qualify for a FREE GIFT! I love sharing the uniqueness and healthy aspects of my product and would be so grateful if you could help me out this month!

Also, if anyone would be interested in joining my team, you could be my sweetheart this month and earn some free product! It's a very simple and profitable business! I will absolutely help you get started. Not only will I be the one to help train you, but we have the a whole support staff in the office I work in. Everyone there loves to see everyone else succeed! If you join in the month of February and sell 1 set by March 15th, my dealer will give you a $900 9 qt. Braiser pan absolutely FREE! Isn't that awesome?! So won't you please come in on any Monday night, 6pm sharp, and learn how to be my sweetheart!? You will not be disappointed!

If you are interested in a dinner, or lunch, send a message my way and we will set up and appointment! Talk to you all soon!

Have a great and love-filled February, Sweethearts!

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