Sunday, July 25, 2010

I am a Thief!

Yes, yet again, I have come across some great steals. Obviously, my blog now seems to reflect that I only live to find great bargains. While this ALWAYS my goal, it is also a way of life. And I am most definitely a regular Thief.

Below is my booty for this past week. I made out like a Bandit!

Featured in this picture: 4 (pictured) of my 8 (total) girls Xmas presents. $3.98 each. Phew, I am a big spender when it come to the holidays. A JCPenney's clearance swimsuit for Kinzey, $5.97, includes sunscreen and way cute butterflies. A blue and green shirt for Leslie to match a previously stolen pair of shorts, $2.99 (not a great price, but felt bad not getting something for Leslie when Kinzey was getting that way cute suit). TWO new pairs of shoes for myself (a VERY rare occasion that I get new shoes!), the flowery ones were only $4.98 and I've worn them pretty much everyday since I got them, and the zebra print ones are sparkly ballet flats. LOVE these! And only $3.24! I've already worn them to work twice. Little Sister/Big Sister Jammies. I have been looking for something like these pretty much since we found out our 2nd was a girl. And now, the girls will match come Xmas for a mere $5 a piece. I CANNOT WAIT to match matching bows for their heads, they will be SO cute Xmas morn! Then, read it and weep, because penney's also had women's Gold Toe socks on clearance - 4 pair for $1.17! That's less than $0.30 per pair. Yeah, I bought 16 total pairs. Now I can throw away all the mismatched and gross pairs I currently have in my drawer! Woot! There are 4 gift bags and 2 tissue paper sets that I got for $0.50 a piece on target clearance. Yay, now I have some baby boy gift bags! And to top it off, (my girls both a have a ridiculous obsession with My Little Ponies, right now) I found these lovlies on clearance at target, as well. It was only $5 for Kinzey's little box - a baby Pony, birthday hat, birthday cake, balloon and gift box - and for Leslie, only $9.98 for a baby Pony and car seat, mommy Pony, groceries and a PONY CONVERTIBLE! Oh, man my Kids are going to have a FANTABULOUS Xmas.

And because I can't resist a great deal, I went back to JCPenney's 2 days later to buy Leslie a swimsuit for next summer! And look, it has whales! I'm in LOVE!

The previous week I didn't get to post my steals, but I did have some great ones. While out looking for a shirt to wear in our family foto's, a employee at Kmart, handed me TWO free mini bags of cotton candy. A first for both girls, and yes quite tasty.YUM!

And here a few of our lovely family shots. My bestie/sister, Shelly Meyers, spent a few hours with us, and took our pictures for the mere cost of breakfast and a Jamba giftcard. Woohoo!

Thanks for sharing my fun finds with me this week. Come back and visit, as I continue to look for more! And Check out Camille's page for a plethora of other Stealers!


Camille said...

I'm so glad you realised the link was messed up, because this was a great post and needs to be recognised (plus I was dying to know who the mystery stealer was).

Thanks for sharing your awesome deals! Keep it up!

Geevz said...

WOW! You had quite the haul and the family pics are stunning!

✩Molly✩ said...

look at you, you got pictures of all your loot, and you DID make out like a bandit!! way to go!