Sunday, July 4, 2010

Saturday Steals!

Being an avid ready of Archives of our Lives, and an avid Stealer, I figured I should probably (and finally) get on the band wagon of posting my Steals.

So, a little behind, last weekend, I went on a yard sale mission. Both my girls, and my good friend Molly's Soon-to-Be Baby, were in dire need of some new clothes. I was planning on getting out of the house nice and early - it's HOT here - but, I didn't start until about 8:30 am. Fearing I had already missed all of the good deals, I trudge out the door and up the street.

I hit up 3 or 4 sales, begrudgingly relinquished a few dollars here and there, nothing too exciting. 2 red plastic little tykes chairs, a princess sleeping bag, 2 onesies (.05 ea!), a my little pony book, two helmets ($2 ea!), a Beatles shirt for Leslie (only .25!). I felt good about what I had found, but was saddened that I had not found any good girls clothing deals. :o[

I called my mom and told her I was going to give it 20 more minutes and then come home. Well, lo and behold, just around the corner, I hit the JACKPOT! This lady had girls clothes ranging from newborn to 18m. Exactly what I needed.

Now, her clothes were in GREAT condition, but they were priced much higher than what I normally pay for yard sales clothes. Onesies were $1 and outfits ranged from $2 to $3. I'm more of a .25 to .50 kind of girl. But, I really wanted to get Molly some good stuff, and the 18 month (Kinzey's size) were just too cute to pass up. Anyway, so the lady and I start chatting, and I was telling her all about Molly and how she, out of the goodness of her heart gave all of her baby girl clothes away, and was now having a girl herself. So, because of my past good fortune, I decided that I was going to hunt down some great deals and pass them along. Well, I guess this lady was inspired by my desire to help Molly out, so she told me I could have 30 things for $20! I only had $12 left so she let me have 20 things and any pieces I wanted out of her free box! Totally had more than 30 after the free stuff. Steal!

I ended up with tons of stuff - all Carter's, Gymboree, Baby Gap, etc! I love that I got some great pieces for us and am able to help out a friend at the same time!

Also, I found a butt-load of 3-piece sets (shorts, onesie, shirt) on clearance at Walmart for $1. You better believe I got some of those for Molly's newbie, too.

And to end my week? A 50 minute massage at Massage Envy. Free! Cuz my Sissy loves me and gave me gift card for Mother's Day. I can't wait until the day comes that she finds the right guy and jumps on the Mommy Train. I want to spoil her, too!

Had a great week and can't wait to Steal some more. Gonna check out some more $1 clearance at Walmart tomorrow, when I visit my Aunt Gloria.

Until then, health and happiness, Amiee


✩Molly✩ said...

your charity is so inspiring and astonishing. I only wish that somehow I could help you. I love you!

Camille said...

YAY! I am so glad to have a new Stealer on board, and what a way to start. I don't have friends anymore (except one), but if I did, I would want them to be like you (or I would want to be like you for them). How awesome.

Thanks for joining, and I hope to see you back frequently!