Monday, July 14, 2008

Baby Feet are Fun!

Today Leslie got her first "big scratch". She was trying to wear one of Matthew's flip flops (one of her latest obsessions) and it slipped out from under her. She fell face first onto the corner of a box of books and bam! scratched her face. It broke the skin a little and definitely broke the capillaries, because she's got a pretty good looking bruise! I picked her up, hugged on her, and gave her her Binky. She cried for all of two or three minutes and was done. That's my little trooper. What can you do, right? You can't protect them every second of the day!

On a lighter note, and on her obsession with shoes, I caught Leslie with both of her feet in one of her Daddy's church shoes today! She was trying to stand, but her feet were too close together, so she had to take one out! Her little feet aren't strong enough to carry the shoe while wearing it, so she had to take it off to carry it back to the basket! Ah, life's little moments are what make it great!

Also, I think one of her feet is crooked. Is that something I should worry about? Should I be sure to ask the doc about it next month at her well-baby? She also grips the floor with every step she takes, it's really fun to watch!

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Sterling, Ashley, and Mason said...

what a cutie pie!:D

its probably because he little feet are still adjusting to walking. But it still wouldn't hurt to talk to your doc if you are worried. Thats what the well visits are for! :D