Sunday, July 27, 2008

Busy Busy Bees!

Wow, it's been a long time since my last post. I told you I get bad at this kind of task!

A lot has gone on this last week and a half. On Friday the 18th, Matthew and I went to the temple to support our friends Spencer and Jessica. It was great, and if you've yet to have had a chance to go, you should go someday! That was fun and great, but since we had a babysitter already arranged, we decided to abuse them and go out after that early evening session. We went to dinner with a group of friends; Bryant and Andie Cherry, and Mike and Erica Glover. I think it's the first time we've gone out with an all married group! It was fun to catch up and be silly! Then we went and saw the Dark Knight! Oh man, I've said it once, I'll say it again; Christian Bale and Heath Ledger in the same movie? SWEET! It was awesome and Heath Ledger was spectacular as the Joker! It was a really long movie though, every time you thought it was over, it kept going! We needless to say, we were out until 2:30/3:00! Yikes! We haven't done that in years! It was fun though!

We still have not found a place to live and are really starting to feel the stress. It's just so hard to pick the right place. We have so many more factors now; you know, with me and Leslie at home during the day and wanting to stay in a semi-safe community, there's just not very many options. We're still hoping that a miracle will happen and we can stay in the ward. I don't know, maybe Heavenly Father has different plans for us.

My sister, Amber, is turning 20 on Thursday, and I'm very excited for her! She's finally not a teenager anymore! I'm not sure if we're doing anything, but I'm happy for her nonetheless!

Leslie continues to make us all laugh with her happy little self. She's almost always dancing, singing or talking. And it gets 10x worse when there are other kids around! Our niece and nephews were here last Wednesday and she had a hay-day! She ran back and forth, back and forth; screaming, smiling, giggling and laughing. It was nonstop pandemonium! She loves to talk to my parents dog. Her latest endeavor is the word "no". I know, it's a little early, but it's very cute. Mostly she yells it at Matthew when he's tickling her. She has her own version of "Daddy" for Matthew: "Dah-doh". Of course, I think this is the cutest thing ever, Matthew just tries to get her to say "Dah-dee, Dah-dee, DEE DEE" It never works. But when they get going in a tickle and giggle fest, she yells "Dah-doh, doh! Which means "Daddy, No". It makes me smile every time she speaks now, just hoping for the next new word she'll discover. My other favorite for now? She sings along with the Diego theme song. She'll sing his name at the right spot in the song and she always tries to make the animal sound when slides down the zip line! I crave this kind of goofiness on a regular basis, and am SO glad she's finally starting to use her words to interact with everything around her!

That's all for now, more Leslie anecdotes to come soon!

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STACEY said...

what a fun night! I totally want to see that movie! Good luck in finding a new place I hope it is close too!