Thursday, July 10, 2008

Global Chess

So yesterday, Matthew's Dad, Rich came over for dinner. He brought Papa John's, mmm yummy! He wanted to visit Leslie and play this new game he has called Global Chess. First off, I can't even play regular chess, let alone some fancy schmancy version of chess. Matthew and Tamra seemed to enjoy the concept though. Basically, it's chess on two round boards that rotate against each other. Leslie just wanted to watch them play and steal the game box and carry it around.

I watched So You Thin You CanDance during all of this and generally tried to avoid the mass competition going on behind me. I missed part of the show because Leslie and I were dancing to the music instead of watching. She likes to spin and throw her arms from side to side. It's pretty funny. Her latest move discovery? She puts her head on the floor, her butt in the air, and sways from side to side! I love it! She's going to be our little dancer I think. She picked all of her dance moves on her own - ok, maybe a little from the "we did it" dance on Dora. But she's great none the less!

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STACEY said...

So glad to see you in blogland! Great pics! Leslie is super cutie! I love seeing the babies dance!